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Power Range: 10 - 200 kVA
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Total protection

3:1 10-120 kVA
3:3 10-200 kVA


Master MPS series UPS devices ensure maximum protection and power quality for any type of load, especially for mission critical applications, data centres, security systems and electro-medical equipment, industrial processes and telecommunications.
Master Plus is an ON LINE double conversion UPS (class VFI SS 111 in accordance with IEC EN 62040-3) with a transformer isolated inverter.

Master MPS range
Master MPS details


  • Efficiency Control System (ECS)

  • Robust and reliable

  • Galvanic isolation

  • High overload capacity

  • Extensive parallel configurations

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Master MPS

10-200 kVA

Technical specifications of the model

Easy source

Master MPS makes powering UPS devices by power generators and MV/LV transformers easier and more efficient, reducing loss in systems and coils, correcting the power factor and eliminating harmonics by the loads powered by the UPS itself.
In addition to this, the progressive start-up of the rectifier and the possibility of reducing the recharge current of the batteries, allow for the containment of the input current absorbed and therefore do not overload the source, especially when the source is a generator.

Battery Care SYSTEM: maximum battery care

Normally the batteries are kept charged by the rectifier; when mains power fails, the UPS uses this energy source to power its utilities. Therefore, proper battery care is critical to ensuring correct UPS operation in emergency conditions.
Battery Care System consists of a series of features and capabilities that allow for battery management in order to obtain the best performance possible and extend their operating life.

Master MPS is also compatible with different battery technologies: vented open lead acid, VRLA AGM, GEL, Ni-Cd, Flywheels, Supercaps and Lithium.


Master MPS is suited to all types of applications, from computers to the most demanding industrial environments.
Thanks to the broad range of accessories and options, complex architectures and configurations can be created to ensure maximum power to critical loads:
expansions (in redundancy or power) may be made in already-operating parallel systems, even without having to switch off any UPS that are already operating and thus, maintaining power to utilities.

Maximum reliability and availability

Distributed or centralised parallel up to 8 units per redundant (N+1) or powerparallel. A parallel between models with different power levels is possible. Maximum levels of availability also in the event of an interruption to the parallel bus cable: the system is “FAULT TOLERANT”.
It is not affected by connection cable faults and continues powering the load without a continuity solution, signalling the anomaly with an alarm.


UGS: UPS Group Synchroniser.
Allows 2 or more non-parallel UPS devices to remain synchronised even during mains power failure. The UGS also enables a Riello UPS to be synchronised with another power source that is independent and of a different power rating.
PSJ - Parallel Systems Joiner.
Allows two groups of UPS to be connected in parallel whilst operating, in the event of maintenance (with no interruption to the output), using a power coupling switch. Should one of the UPS in one of the parallel groups fail, it is automatically excluded.
The PSJ connects the remaining UPS, to the other parallel group via an external bypass, in order to continue to guarantee load redundancy.

Specific solutions

The UPS can be adapted to meet your requirements. Contact TEC to discuss the feasibility of specific solutions and options not listed in the catalogue.