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The Riello Elettronica Group
We transform the energy, continuously

Our roots in our history

Riello Elettronica, lead by Cav. Lav. Pierantonio Riello, has a presence today in the Electrical manufacturing industry with two divisions: Energy, Automation and Security. It is a leader in the Uninterruptible Power Supply market with the well-known brand Riello UPS.

Energy represents the Group’s core business, in particular with the manufacture of UPS that are firstly able to guarantee the quality of electricity and secondly maintain normal operation and continuity in case of blackouts or anomalies in the energy supply.

Riello UPS designs and produces strategical solutions for every kind of requirement and make a bespoke offering according to the clients’ needs: from banks to the hospitals, transport to infrastructures, from domestic use to data centres.

With two excellent research centres located in Legnago (Verona) and Cormano (Milano) dedicated to the development and testing of UPS, Riello UPS always looks to improve product performance by continuously innovating, so much so that today Riello UPS has 32 lines of UPS products for energy management based on a broad range of technological architectures.