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UPS Overhauls
Replace Fans & Capacitors To Maximise Performance

With any uninterruptible power supply, wear and tear over time is inevitable.  

Rely on Riello UPS to breathe new life into your ageing units with a comprehensive UPS overhaul that will extend its lifespan and boost performance. 

Our fully-certified engineers will efficiently exchange any fans or capacitors that are due for replacement.  

Thanks to these brand new components, your UPS system will benefit from enhanced operational performance and improved efficiency, saving you on energy costs. It’ll also reduce your risk of downtime. 


Why Do I Need To Replace Fans & Capacitors On My UPS? 

Fans carry out the crucial role of keeping your UPS’s inverter and rectifier cool enough to operate safely. A faulty fan exposes these internal parts and more to much higher temperatures, meaning they’ll deteriorate far quicker. 

Capacitors work together to improve the power quality of your UPS system. Even if you only have one or two capacitors reaching the end of their life, that’s huge unnecessary stress added to your UPS.  

Under-performing capacitors lead to greater issues with harmonics and can cause damage to battery strings too. While the worst-case scenario of a serious capacitor failure will expose your load to unstable power.  


The Benefits Of A UPS Overhaul 

  • Minimise your downtime thanks to improved resilience and reduced risk of major system failure 
  • Optimise your performance through enhanced efficiency, cutting needless energy waste 
  • Maximise your budget by extending your UPS’s overall life, which lowers your total cost of ownership (TCO) 
  • Emphasise effective future-planning by proactively scheduling replacement components versus the greater cost of repairing unexpected systems failures 


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UPS Overhauls