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Sales & Technical Enquiries: 1300 138 709
Technical Support

Our TEC (Technical Energy Consultant) experts have been working in the power sector for years, and come from backgrounds with technical experience in industry and power plants.


Consultancy on standards

Regulatory standard consultancy concerning:

  • Products and portfolio solutions
  • Batteries, flywheels, Supercapacitors
  • Installation and configuration
  • Applications (emergency lighting, electro-medical, data centres, railways etc.)


Work tools Training and information

  • UPS sizing
  • Official technical guides
  • Installation requirements
  • TEC newsletters
  • Technical specifications
  • Online tools (TEC area, UPS configurator, runtime calculation, etc.)


Technical seminars

Seminars can be requested by engineering firms or end customers directly and can also be proposed by TEC for sector associations and colleagues.


Design support

Our team can provide technical assistance concerning the choice, sizing and installation of our products and solutions.


Help Desk

Our Team are available by phone and e-mail to answer your requests immediately. 


Witness test

The witness test service is provided for checking solutions before transport to the installation site.